Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So I'm basically stoked out of my mind that it is Thursday.
Despite my enthusiasm for learning, I am burnt out.
Going back to school after summer can be a shocker!
Anyways, onto the awkwards and awesomes of the first week of school!

- Walking into a class, waiting for it to start, then noticing that something isn't right when the freshman begin to take seats next to me... Ya. I went and sat in the wrong classroom as a junior. Feel free to make the "L" shape with your right hand and hold it to your forehead whenever looking at me next.
- Leaning over my work desk and having my boss across the room say, "Evi! Pull your dress down in the back." Apparently that red dress of mine that I posted last Fashion Friday likes to cling to my underwear and ride up. Oops!
- Walking out to our car, after it had been raining, to find that Adam's phone had been left on top of the car and got poured on. Uhhh, what do I say to that? Sorry that happened to your phone...? (Don't worry I revived it with rice)
- While at work, pulling up a student's profile and seeing that they live close to my hometown (I can see their whole address). Therefore, I say, "Oh my gosh! I'm from Orange County, too!" Let's just say that the look I got from aforementioned student was total confusion and she was clearly weirded out. Maybe next time I should explain that I'm NOT stalking the students.
-Unexpected visitors showing up to our messy apartment. I didn't even get a 2 minute clean up warning!
- Literally tripping down the stairs. I know this is a frequent awkward, but truly, its awkwardness never dulls. This time I dropped my frozen water bottle, too. Let's just say it added sound effect.

- New school clothes!!
- This semester I have super cool classes that I know will stretch my brain and allow me to learn further tolerance for viewpoints other than my own.
- Costa Vida coupons. Buy one entree get one free! Yes puhlease. So good, I basically died.
- Fresh local corn. I swear it is like CANDY!
- The air is getting cooler... you know what that means? Fall is almost here!
- Scholastic book orders. I thought the days of ordering books ended when I left elementary school. Alas! They did not. I got 7 of them from different age groups. I'm ordering so many books for my future classroom it is not even funny!
- Only working three days a week. I LOVE it. That means the other two days are spent hanging out with Adam!
-We've been married for six months this week and our relationship is better than ever!
- Last, but not least... I am going to Utah next weekend for celebrate my lil sis' 19th birthday! Get excited.

Love, Evi

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