Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So it's almost Friday (it's 11:45 PM here in Idaho), but honestly it is still Thursday!
Let's begin!!!

- Not correcting people when they call me Evee instead of saying my name like it should be said, i.e. eh-vee. Got it?! Good. If I don't correct them in the first place, I feel bad correcting them later, and then I'm forever known as Evee... like the Pokemon. Great.
- Talking about gross things with the husband with our window wide open and only realize it when we were hear our neighbor's snickers walk past our open window.
- Dropping your lacy bra at the laundromat for all to see. I'm sorry but that sexy black bra I have, I really don't want the creeper drying his clothes next to me to think about me wearing this aforementioned sexy bra. No. Thank. You.
- Jumping at every little thing after watching four episodes of Criminal Minds (new addiction? I think yes.). Thanks for the heeby jeebies and new addiction Mrs. Rosell!
- Saying a Mormon cuss word, i.e. effed ( In a sentence: I effed up you guys. I'm sorry.) I said this while training employees. I think I found a new habit to break.
- The poor freshmen that have now plagued BYUI's campus. Many of them need help.

- Hanging out with the aforementioned Mrs. Rosell for the last few days. I swear our friendship will make me fat! We ate at College Avenue Deli last night and Olive Garden tonight. Good thing good company always takes away the guilt of being a total fatty!
- Sleeping in for the last couple days. I have seriously enjoyed being with Adam for those few extra hours in the mornings. I swear every moment we spend together I fall even more in love.
- Smart and Fiji Water. Is it weird that sometimes I crave bottled water? Seriously my water addictions can't be helping the green movement.
- Wildlife! We went to Yellowstone this week and floated the river the next day. Between the two days we saw multiple bison, an elk, a moose, and a large large bird of prey swoop into the river right behind us and catch a fish. This is definition awesome. I wish that Summer could last forever.
- My pell grant came through today!!! Holla! We are temporarily rich. Too bad it's going to be spent on all boring adult stuff!
- The meal I cooked Tuesday night was awesome. Crock pot mac n cheese and watermelon. Yummmm.
- Finally, tomorrow begins the weekend again and it's date night. So so so excited :)

Have a good one friends!

Love, Evi


  1. I love Criminal Minds. I used to watch it all the time but I had to stop watching it because it was freaking me out too much. Being home by yourself and watching it, not a good idea.

  2. Yeah I have to admit, I called you "Evee" for like 2 months until someone FINALLY corrected me! I even said it the first time then looked at them for confirmation and they all nodded! I am so glad I got it right before actually talking in person lol! I hate it when I get called Lorna or Lori, but being called a Pokemon character is definitely worse haha :)