Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Last Few Weekends

We have been super busy. Luckily, we are busy because we are having fun!
Here are some good ole iPhone photos from the last two weekends! Try not to get too jealous ;)

This is a date night picture! We went to a place called "The College Avenue Deli." It is our FAVORITE. It's the only place in town where you can get a philly cheese steak, pita, gyro, and a fried snickers. It is heaven!

I give you THE FRIED SNICKERS (Aka Amazingness in yo mouth!)

Drinking my favorite soda: Mix 2/3 Coke with 1/3 Red Cream Soda. Yum!

This is what I have to leave every morning when I go to work. I may be killed for posting this, but he is so cute!! I just LOVE that man.

This is Lauren, she blogs over at Peace Love Lauren. She is so much fun! We went to the "For Your Basket" flea market and antique shopping together. This girl rocks :)

We had an Arrested Development marathon night! It was so fun. :) We moved the mattress out into the living room, lit candles, watched Arrested Development, and ate Jell-O. Romantic, right? Haha.

This is my "Oh, hey, I'm dying my hair" face. Personally, I think tin foil is a good look for me. ;)

I made Crock Pot Couscous stuffed bell peppers, which I burnt when my hair appointment took longer than expected. It was great! Next time I am not going to burn them. I'm determined.

We went to a game night over at our friends house and played Mexican Train with the Woods and the Andersons. After avoiding this Figgat family favorite, I can happily proclaim that I love this game! By the way, the cupcakes below... the super adorable Mrs. Wood made them. Trust me, they tasted as good as they looked!

The best friend, Emily, flew through town on her way up to Canada and spent the night! It was our first sleepover since the night before I got married. I LOVE her. Of course we painted our nails and watched Clueless!

We are adorable. I know. ;) I sure love her!

That's all folks. Sorry for the delay. I'm going to post some of our Yellowstone pictures tonight and "Recipe Tuesday."


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  1. yay so fun! i want that crock pot cous cous recipe!!