Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Friday on Saturday... Again.

Sorry guys, really I should just make it "Fashion Saturday" because I'm lacking in my ability to make posts on Fridays. Honestly though, do you blame me? Fridays are days to relax and slack off. Well my friends, Fridays have been glorious this Summer and I'm going to miss them. Anyways...

I love getting dressed up and wearing girly skirts and dresses.
I have to get dressed up for work everyday, even though it is an on campus job; however, it has helped me learn to take full advantage of all of the great skirts/dresses/blouses/slacks in my closet. In all honesty, I'd wear jeans and a t shirt with my coach tennis shoes everyday if I could. Alas, this world is not tailored to my desires, thus I dress business casual almost daily.

I'm learning to LOVE it.

This is actually the outfit I wore last Sunday. So in the words of the Beastie Boys, Check it out!

(Don't worry this picture was taken before church... not during. :) )

[Dress: Anthropologie via DownEast Outfitters (DownEast had a sale last week... Guess how much this beauty was... $10!! It's a steal, right?!) Heels: Steve Madden. Black Pearl Necklace: Gift from the in-laws.]

Sorry for the poor lighting, but I think my posing is significantly better than last week. :) I'm still working on this whole fashion blogging thing!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend :)

Love, Evi

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