Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So I'm basically stoked out of my mind that it is Thursday.
Despite my enthusiasm for learning, I am burnt out.
Going back to school after summer can be a shocker!
Anyways, onto the awkwards and awesomes of the first week of school!

- Walking into a class, waiting for it to start, then noticing that something isn't right when the freshman begin to take seats next to me... Ya. I went and sat in the wrong classroom as a junior. Feel free to make the "L" shape with your right hand and hold it to your forehead whenever looking at me next.
- Leaning over my work desk and having my boss across the room say, "Evi! Pull your dress down in the back." Apparently that red dress of mine that I posted last Fashion Friday likes to cling to my underwear and ride up. Oops!
- Walking out to our car, after it had been raining, to find that Adam's phone had been left on top of the car and got poured on. Uhhh, what do I say to that? Sorry that happened to your phone...? (Don't worry I revived it with rice)
- While at work, pulling up a student's profile and seeing that they live close to my hometown (I can see their whole address). Therefore, I say, "Oh my gosh! I'm from Orange County, too!" Let's just say that the look I got from aforementioned student was total confusion and she was clearly weirded out. Maybe next time I should explain that I'm NOT stalking the students.
-Unexpected visitors showing up to our messy apartment. I didn't even get a 2 minute clean up warning!
- Literally tripping down the stairs. I know this is a frequent awkward, but truly, its awkwardness never dulls. This time I dropped my frozen water bottle, too. Let's just say it added sound effect.

- New school clothes!!
- This semester I have super cool classes that I know will stretch my brain and allow me to learn further tolerance for viewpoints other than my own.
- Costa Vida coupons. Buy one entree get one free! Yes puhlease. So good, I basically died.
- Fresh local corn. I swear it is like CANDY!
- The air is getting cooler... you know what that means? Fall is almost here!
- Scholastic book orders. I thought the days of ordering books ended when I left elementary school. Alas! They did not. I got 7 of them from different age groups. I'm ordering so many books for my future classroom it is not even funny!
- Only working three days a week. I LOVE it. That means the other two days are spent hanging out with Adam!
-We've been married for six months this week and our relationship is better than ever!
- Last, but not least... I am going to Utah next weekend for celebrate my lil sis' 19th birthday! Get excited.

Love, Evi

Back to School!

In class, a half hour early, waiting for it to start.

One of the soon to be mentioned books. Guess how much this sucker cost? Too much!

Honestly, this week has been crazy. I have NO idea how I'm going to survive this semester. 15 credits, work, a GRE Prep 4 hour night class, 33 books to read in their entirety. Start praying for me people, because this will be a bumpy ride. This semester marks halfway through my junior year! Two more semesters after this, then student teaching! Granted, I'm planning on going to grad school, so I'm NO where near finished. However, graduating with you undergrad is a big deal (at least for me). So, I'm going to bask in the fact that I only have two semesters left here on campus at BYUI. And to all those who are saying, "Undergrad? Bah. No big deal." You clearly haven't had the homework load that I have had and will have this semester, while working a job. So kiss a dinosaur. I dare you. The stress has begun. I LOVE my literature classes and am way excited for my editing class and ed psych class, which just leaves the religion class that I'm not excited about. Postmodernism is trippy! I didn't take first day of school pictures :( I fail. Oh and by the way, since when did books cost an arm, a leg, and my sanity? $325 later I have all the books I need. I hate you BYUI bookstore and even then I bought more than half on Amazon! The awkwards and awesomes are piling up for later today! Get excited people. Get. Excited.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

But That's Just Pillow Talk Talkin'

Adam and I have the best nightly conversations.
A lot of times they're serious or nostalgic, but more often than not they're hilarious.
I learn a lot about Adam during our bed time conversations.
For instance, the other night he informed me that if we ever are rich that he wants an ENTIRE closet filled with plush costumes, such as Pikachu and video game characters.
Needless to say that is not was what I was expecting, thus I laughed and laughed and laughed.
Our new neighbors probably hate us.
In all honesty,I'm glad he is still a kid at heart.
The likelihood of us being "rich" is minuscule, but I'm grateful for his ability to continually dream big and have fun.
Honestly, it helps me see the good in life.
Keep dreaming, Adam. Truly.

Love, Evi
PS Can anyone name the movie that the title of this post is from?

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Remember-- it's a powerful verb. To remember is to recall, a power that is given to us as human beings by our brains. Memory is powerful. From various classes I have learned that there are different kinds of memories... Memories that are short term and memories that are long term. September 11, 2001 is a long term memory for me. While usually certain days fade, September 11, 2011 will forever be vivid in my memory. While I was only a small fifth grader at Foxborough Elementary in this day in history a decade ago, that day will forever live in my memory. I will never forget.
So as this day almost comes to a close, may we never forget the pride that we feel in our country today. May we remember the heroes that ran into those buildings with the sole purpose of preserving the lives of others. May we remember those who never did make it out alive. May we remember those who wept for the loss of their loved ones. Finally, may we remember those who continually fight to keep this country the land of the free and the brave.

Remember to remember.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Friday on Saturday... Work Attire!

Okay so here is epic fail on fashion blogging round 2. Sorry it's on Saturday again, but you know what it's my blog and my rules... so I'm going to stop apologizing now!!

This is a work outfit. By midweek I'm over being in uncomfortable work clothes. This skirt has made many appearances before and I'm pretty sure it is my favorite skirt. In all honesty, I'd wear it every single day if I could. It's feminine, it's floral, it's comfy, AND it has pockets.

Anyways, this is considered business casual but I love the colors and prints so I think it is blog worthy! :)

[Sweater and V-Neck: Target. Skirt: DownEast Outfitters. Shoes: Steve Madden (These are my favorite heels. Can you tell?)]

So there you have it. Fashion Friday is finished. Now get off your bums and enjoy the remnants of Summer!!

Love, Evi

Fashion Friday on Saturday... Again.

Sorry guys, really I should just make it "Fashion Saturday" because I'm lacking in my ability to make posts on Fridays. Honestly though, do you blame me? Fridays are days to relax and slack off. Well my friends, Fridays have been glorious this Summer and I'm going to miss them. Anyways...

I love getting dressed up and wearing girly skirts and dresses.
I have to get dressed up for work everyday, even though it is an on campus job; however, it has helped me learn to take full advantage of all of the great skirts/dresses/blouses/slacks in my closet. In all honesty, I'd wear jeans and a t shirt with my coach tennis shoes everyday if I could. Alas, this world is not tailored to my desires, thus I dress business casual almost daily.

I'm learning to LOVE it.

This is actually the outfit I wore last Sunday. So in the words of the Beastie Boys, Check it out!

(Don't worry this picture was taken before church... not during. :) )

[Dress: Anthropologie via DownEast Outfitters (DownEast had a sale last week... Guess how much this beauty was... $10!! It's a steal, right?!) Heels: Steve Madden. Black Pearl Necklace: Gift from the in-laws.]

Sorry for the poor lighting, but I think my posing is significantly better than last week. :) I'm still working on this whole fashion blogging thing!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend :)

Love, Evi

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So it's almost Friday (it's 11:45 PM here in Idaho), but honestly it is still Thursday!
Let's begin!!!

- Not correcting people when they call me Evee instead of saying my name like it should be said, i.e. eh-vee. Got it?! Good. If I don't correct them in the first place, I feel bad correcting them later, and then I'm forever known as Evee... like the Pokemon. Great.
- Talking about gross things with the husband with our window wide open and only realize it when we were hear our neighbor's snickers walk past our open window.
- Dropping your lacy bra at the laundromat for all to see. I'm sorry but that sexy black bra I have, I really don't want the creeper drying his clothes next to me to think about me wearing this aforementioned sexy bra. No. Thank. You.
- Jumping at every little thing after watching four episodes of Criminal Minds (new addiction? I think yes.). Thanks for the heeby jeebies and new addiction Mrs. Rosell!
- Saying a Mormon cuss word, i.e. effed ( In a sentence: I effed up you guys. I'm sorry.) I said this while training employees. I think I found a new habit to break.
- The poor freshmen that have now plagued BYUI's campus. Many of them need help.

- Hanging out with the aforementioned Mrs. Rosell for the last few days. I swear our friendship will make me fat! We ate at College Avenue Deli last night and Olive Garden tonight. Good thing good company always takes away the guilt of being a total fatty!
- Sleeping in for the last couple days. I have seriously enjoyed being with Adam for those few extra hours in the mornings. I swear every moment we spend together I fall even more in love.
- Smart and Fiji Water. Is it weird that sometimes I crave bottled water? Seriously my water addictions can't be helping the green movement.
- Wildlife! We went to Yellowstone this week and floated the river the next day. Between the two days we saw multiple bison, an elk, a moose, and a large large bird of prey swoop into the river right behind us and catch a fish. This is definition awesome. I wish that Summer could last forever.
- My pell grant came through today!!! Holla! We are temporarily rich. Too bad it's going to be spent on all boring adult stuff!
- The meal I cooked Tuesday night was awesome. Crock pot mac n cheese and watermelon. Yummmm.
- Finally, tomorrow begins the weekend again and it's date night. So so so excited :)

Have a good one friends!

Love, Evi

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recipe Tuesday on a Wednesday: Baked Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes put a fun twist on the baked potato. Once again I found this on Pinterest. Pinterest is doing wonders for my cooking skills and I know Adam sure appreciates it. Click here for the original recipe. This is what mine ended up looking like!

Okay so they're not super pretty. Forgive me I'm neither a photographer or a chef, I'm an average twenty year old. Adam and I had cheese on ours and Emily (aka the cheese hater did not.) I tried a bite of Em's and can honestly say they taste great both ways!

Here is el recipe:

You Need:
Potatoes. Cook to order. (Make sure you scrub them well!)
Olive Oil.
Garlic Powder.
Parmesan Cheese.
Chopped Chives.

How To Make These Beauties:
Your oven needs to be set at 425 degrees.
Slice each potato across as thin as you get it. The original recipe calls 1/8 in. between, honestly that was hard, so I just did my best. Make sure you are cutting within 1/4 of the bottom.
Do not slice all the way through or you'll end up with chips like I did.
This is where I varied from the original recipe, because I didn't want to make more dirty dishes...
Place the potatoes on the baking sheet.
pour the olive oil on your hands (don't worry it's a good moisturizer).
Rub down the potatoes, making sure you get into the slits.
Sprinkle on garlic powder to taste preference.
Do the same with the salt, paprika, and parmesan.
We baked ours with the chives inside, so take your chopped chives and insert some into the slits.
Bake for 38 minutes (ish). At this point if you want to put on a couple slices of cheese on top of the potatoes do it now (only if you have cheese lovers in your home like we do in ours!). Bake for five extra minutes or till cheese melts, if you didn't use cheese plan on cooking it for a grand total of 43 -45 minutes.
Take them out and enjoy!!
This is a new house favorite for us. :)
Have fun and good luck.

Love, Evi

The Last Few Weekends

We have been super busy. Luckily, we are busy because we are having fun!
Here are some good ole iPhone photos from the last two weekends! Try not to get too jealous ;)

This is a date night picture! We went to a place called "The College Avenue Deli." It is our FAVORITE. It's the only place in town where you can get a philly cheese steak, pita, gyro, and a fried snickers. It is heaven!

I give you THE FRIED SNICKERS (Aka Amazingness in yo mouth!)

Drinking my favorite soda: Mix 2/3 Coke with 1/3 Red Cream Soda. Yum!

This is what I have to leave every morning when I go to work. I may be killed for posting this, but he is so cute!! I just LOVE that man.

This is Lauren, she blogs over at Peace Love Lauren. She is so much fun! We went to the "For Your Basket" flea market and antique shopping together. This girl rocks :)

We had an Arrested Development marathon night! It was so fun. :) We moved the mattress out into the living room, lit candles, watched Arrested Development, and ate Jell-O. Romantic, right? Haha.

This is my "Oh, hey, I'm dying my hair" face. Personally, I think tin foil is a good look for me. ;)

I made Crock Pot Couscous stuffed bell peppers, which I burnt when my hair appointment took longer than expected. It was great! Next time I am not going to burn them. I'm determined.

We went to a game night over at our friends house and played Mexican Train with the Woods and the Andersons. After avoiding this Figgat family favorite, I can happily proclaim that I love this game! By the way, the cupcakes below... the super adorable Mrs. Wood made them. Trust me, they tasted as good as they looked!

The best friend, Emily, flew through town on her way up to Canada and spent the night! It was our first sleepover since the night before I got married. I LOVE her. Of course we painted our nails and watched Clueless!

We are adorable. I know. ;) I sure love her!

That's all folks. Sorry for the delay. I'm going to post some of our Yellowstone pictures tonight and "Recipe Tuesday."


Monday, September 5, 2011


Hey guys sorry for my absence. This lil blog has been getting a TON of views! Thanks for supporting me (189 views in a 16 hour period!). I love you all. I need to post the pictures from our weekend, especially since we went to Yellowstone. It was AMAZING. I love it. Anyways, I'm wiped. I promise to blog tomorrow (I have a great recipe planned for "Recipe Tuesday").
Hope your weekends have been as incredible as mine!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fashion Friday on a Saturday: Date Night Style

We love Buffalo Wild Wings, B Double Dubs for short.
It's probably our favorite place to eat in Idaho Falls.
That being said, last night we went on a date there and it was so good.
I definitely recommend the Parmesan flavored wings for the wimps and Caribbean jerk for the spicy lovers.
Anyways, this is what I wore. Thank gosh these pictures aren't as awkward as the last two posts.
PS: Date night is usually the best night of the week. I'm going to miss our frequent date nights once school starts.

I love this outfit, so if you don't... DON'T hate.

Button up: Gap Outlet. Sunglasses: F21. Jeans: The Limited. Loafers: Gift (best work shoes EVER). Purse: Coach.

PS I dyed my hair and you can finally tell in these pictures :) Holla!

Good night people.
OH and BTW this is my one hundredth post!!! Yay!
In honor of it, I will be doing a giveaway. Probably a hair accessory because I make them all the time. I'll post the details later.

Have a happy Sunday.

Fashion Friday on a Saturday: What I Wore to Church

Last Sunday was a great day! I got a calling (Everyone in our church has little "jobs" on a volunteer basis. The bishopric offers you the "job" and you can choose to accept it or deny it. I accepted.); my calling is Assistant Ward Historian (I'm in charge of the text that goes in the ward newsletter). We gave talks in church (congregation members speak during church, instead of just the church leaders). We both did great. Finally, Adam sometimes has to work Sundays, but last Sunday he got off early!! It was a happy day. Anyways, below is what I wore to church. Sorry again for the crappy posing and pictures. It doesn't help that we have to use our camera phones for these pictures. Anyways, here ya go.
Headband: Jennie Moss (Adorable girl I met at For Your Basket last week. Check out her shop!) Blouse: F21. Necklace: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: Nordstrom Rack. Shoes:Anne Klein.

And I was proud of my hairstyle. It's the "three buns hairstyle." It was so easy. Sorry it got messy during church, but I promise it's pretty. I know I saw it in a tutorial somewhere and I just can't find it. So sorry. Let me know if you are dying to know how to do it and I'd be happy to explain it.

I love you all.
Hope you're having a great weekend.

Love, Evi

Fashion Friday on a Saturday: What I Wore Today.

Hey so I totally fail on updating the blog yesterday. I got off at 5, had to finish a final for my Summer break class, then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a date with the hubs, and THEN moved in a friend. It was crazy to say the least. Thus Fashion Friday on a Saturday. This week I had three outfits that I liked... Problem is that I am very awkwardly posed in all of them. This whole fashion feature truly is a testament of my deep and irreversible awkwardness. Are ya ready?

Today, this is what I wore. Sadly this is the best picture.

Top: Downeast Outfitters (I got this today for $5!! I was stoked.) Jeans: 7 For All Mankind. Heels: Jessica Simpson. Anchor Earrings: Rexburg Flea Market.

I'm in love with this top. I'm in love with stripes. I have enough stripes in my closet now that I literally could wear stripes every day of the week if I wanted to... but I won't cuz that'd super boring.

Wanna see more awkward pictures?

I was kissing the In N Out sticker. It just sounded good okay!


This looks like the back of my head, problem is that it isn't. I was trying to do that whole cutesy don't look at the camera pose. Good thing I would never go on America's Next Top Model! Sidenote: Does it freak anyone else out, the thought of having to do a naked "challenge" on that show? Naked on television. Uh, no thanks!


Now I look like a monkey. Great.

So, there you have it. Does anyone want to teach me how to pose?

Two more "Fashion Friday on a Saturday" posts coming tonight!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday & Surprise!

Let's just cut to the chase and tell you my surprise...


and even better...


I've dyed my hair before, but only on my own.
This time I pampered myself and not at the expense of my wallet (Thanks Paul Mitchell!).
Anyways, I feel pretty.
I got an ombre dye and just a trim on my hair.
I love it. I'll post good pictures tomorrow when I have natural light to work with.

The last couple weeks have been both awkward and awesome.
You ready?

Being mistaken for a high schooler... AGAIN. When will I actually look my age? Sure I don't wear much make-up, thus giving me the whole "innocent" look. Honestly, people... geez.
Lying in bed for HOURS trying to sleep and pretending to sleep to try to go to sleep.
Having my underwear peek out whenever I bent over at work today. I. Hate. That. You might as well have "Hi, I'm Mormon." tattooed above my buttcrack.
Frizzy braids. I hate it when I braid my hair. 7 AM-- it looks perfect. 10 AM-- not so hot. 1 PM- I get off of work and go home to see that it looks like complete bed head. So much for looking my best at work!
Gas and gas prices... I'll leave that one up to interpretation.
Knocking on someone's door, knowing that they're home, then feeling rejected when they don't open the door.

Finding out that aforementioned person who didn't open the door was actually in the bath tub and then not feeling like a reject.
My new hair. 'nuff said.
The stuffed bell papers I made tonight in el crockpot. I could live off of the couscous that I stuffed them with.
Waking up in my husband's arms. Gosh this married thing ROCKS.
The series Arrested Developmemt. We watched all three seasons on Netflix over the last few weeks. Totally hilarious. Any suggestions for another series to get hooked on?
The new bookcase that Adam built me for our living room. I'm in love with it and it was really fun to put our wedding pictures on it.
Pay day. Holla!
Going to the flea market with my friend, Lauren. Ya'll should check out her blog (click here). She's basically one of the most adorable human beings you'll ever have the pleasure of blog stalking. :)
Floating the river and seeing a flippin moose! Hooray for wildlife! Plus, floating the river= free and fun 2 hour entertainment!
The fact that my best friend, Emily (aka Em Mem Memily) will be staying with us this weekend! Hooray for a sleepover!
Anyways, I really should go get ready for bed. After discovering the beauty of going to bed at 9 o'clock last night, I'm thinking right now sounds like a good bedtime.

Have a fun weekend!
Only nineteen hours till my weekend starts :)