Friday, August 12, 2011


I know, I know... I am a sucky blogger this week. Can you blame me? I'm vacationing and quite frankly LOVING it. We are in Carlsbad now. I said goodbye to my family yesterday. It was bittersweet. Bitter to leave them, but sweet to be able to spend time with my in-laws today. In addition, SUPER exciting news. I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT! My absolutely fabulous sis-in-law, Chelsea, and my super cool bro-in-law, Chris, are adopting a baby who will be born in THREE MONTHS. It is a sweet set up quite frankly...
The family doesn't have to wait the whole nine months for the baby to come.
The sis-in-law gets to maintain her awesome runners' body, but gets to have the joy of a new baby.
Stephanie and David (mom and dad in law) get to enjoy having a grandbaby.
I get to have a baby to spoil and love, without having to have one.
BEST OF ALL, my niece (have I mentioned it's a girl?) is going to be adopted into a family who will love her more than anything.
As I mentioned to my mother in law and Chelsea earlier tonight, it is interesting that this is all happening now. Not to make this about me, because TRUST ME I am so excited for the family to have a new lil baby, this December I turn 21.
Twenty-One. A magic age for anyone who isn't Mormon.
In all honesty, it is the age that I have agonized over for years because it is the age that my "file" opens. My adoption file.
My "Birth Mom" will have all of my information. She will know my name and I will know hers. It will be game on, in regards to finding each other.
I'm scared.
I'm excited.
It'll be good. Truly. I want to meet her to say "Thank You" and see what she looks like. After all, I have always wondered where my features came from.
Adoption has come full circle. My adoption story is ending this year and my niece's is just beginning.
It's a blessing to me to see how excited my bro and sis in law to receive this baby. It reminds me that this is probably the same joy that my parents felt.
The girl who is giving up this baby is fifteen. She is brave.
As I am grateful to my own birthmother for giving me a chance to have both a mother and father, I will be so grateful to the birthmother of my soon to be niece for providing the fam bam with a daughther, niece, and granddaughter.
Baby girl, watch out. You are already loved. Just wait till you meet us. :)


  1. I'm adopted, too. It's a unique life, that's for sure.

    Do you want to meet your birth mom?

  2. Aww it made me start crying all over again! I am so excited for Chris & Chelsea :) Also excited that your file is open - it seems like that's something you want/have been wondering about. Good luck! And enjoy Carlsbad for me haha

  3. Abby- I absolutely want to meet my birth mom to say thank you for the life you were willing to give to me through your sacrifice.
    Lora- I will love every second here :)

  4. I'm so excited for you. My uncle was adopted and I really want to adopt one day, and I really wish that there was more awareness out there about how beautiful it can be (not just the horror stories).