Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seven Weeks to a Better Me update!!

Hey everyone.
I haven't given an update on my project lately. Sorry!
So last week I worked on being more spiritual or devout to my religion. It worked. I read scriptures everyday and counsel from church leaders. I prayed meaningful and went to church with a willingness to learn. It was a good week. Going to the temple didn't happen and apparently it's closed. It's on the to-do list still. I'm still working out and am seeing a difference everyday. When I'm too lazy I do my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders yoga video. Don't make fun of me! ;) Well maybe you can. It's fun.
This week was/is read a book every week. I bought twenty books on Amazon last week and I'm ready! I'm currently reading Hunger Games, which is a bombdiggity book. I'm loving it. It's an easy read, but so good!

Anyways, I'm going to the beach. Be jealous. Be very very jealous. :)


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