Monday, August 22, 2011

Draft 2: Harry Potter: End of an era. End of childhood.

With the scent of my hairspray lingering amongst the popcorn, candy, and diet coke the lights dimmed. The cheering began and that the long awaited moment of watching the last Harry Potter had arrived. Call me nerd but since I was a third grader, I have loved Harry Potter. Harry Potter began my love for reading. It was next to my mother that I listened to her read the first book to my little sister and I. It was our time. A time to escape and feel special. After that first book I realized that I could devour the Harry Potter books more quickly if I were to read them myself and I did. By fifth grade I was functioning at an eighth grade reading level. Why? It's because of reading Harry Potter over and over. Sure, knowing silly spells such as expecto patronum or lumus are not going to increase my vocabulary, but I could escape and find myself in a world of literature anytime I cracked the spine of those books. The first Harry Potter movie came out when I was a fifth grader. I was so excited. I was there for every movie. I was there at the Barnes and Noble at midnight when the last book came out. I was there when people began chattering about the last book, because, I too had read it as soon as I got home (I read beginning at 1 am until I finished the book). Harry Potter was an escape. It was an escape from the bullies who taunted me through middle school. It was an escape when high school wore at me. It was an escape when hearts were broken. Harry Potter provided me hours of easy reading and relaxation. So clearly when this last movie came out, I dressed up as Bellatrix, got a dark mark, and enjoyed the movie at 12:04 AM.
So thanks J.K. Rowling.
Thanks for teaching me that characters grow up, too.
Thanks for teach me that friends and family are the most important things in the world.
Thanks for letting me share the excitement of characters' first kisses, dates, and tender moments.
Thanks for giving me a distraction from homework and the stresses of the real world.
Thanks for showing what bravery is.
Thanks for providing this world with some of the greatest children's and young adult literature ever.
I grew up with the characters.
I guess we are all grown up now.

Love, Evi

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