Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silly Us.

It's crazy to think that both of these pictures were taken within the first month of us dating. We had so much fun dating it is crazy. The best part about our relationship has always been we can really laugh together and be really really silly.

Last night was one of the hilarious nights.
I napped for five hours yesterday so we were up late.
Roughly around 12:30 I decided it was time to drug myself into a stupor using melatonin (natural sleep aid, not to be confused with the stuff that makes you tan).
Well I drink herbal tea nightly to help myself calm down.
As we watched Arrested Development I quickly made myself a mug of deliciousness and then forgot about it in the microwave.
Fast forward an episode and a half hour later and I suddenly remember my tea.
I arise from the floor. As I stretch I begin telling Adam how dumb I am sometimes and wonder where my mind is. I open the microwave, reach for the pill bottle, reach for the tea in the microwave then Adams says the the pivotal phrase:


Knowing I could not obey the aforementioned command the only words I could muster were:


That is when the inevitable happened. I got hit with my light green couch pillow, thus knocking the tea and myself into the counter. It went everywhere. Had it not been so late I probably would have been slightly peeved with Adam considering that I had cleaned a lot that day. Yet, it was late and I did what most hormonal women would do... I cried. Not "my dog just died" cried but more like a hysterical cry. I laughed/cried simultaneously and exclaimed loudly for the complex to hear at that early hour, "MY PILLOW!"It was funny.
Adam hadn't seen the tea in my hand and thus we laughed together and I continually cried.
Was it funny? Nope. Was it funny at 1 in the morning? Absolutely. Oh the irony of the idiom, "Don't cry over spilled milk?"
Well my friends I cried last night over spilled tea.
I love us.

Thank gosh for a man who can make me laugh.

Love, Evi

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