Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Oh dear gosh I did it again.
No one tell Adam. (Let's face it, I'll tell him before the night is over.haha.)
I got sucked in.
They had me from when they were an entrepreneur major and in the business program.
I always think, "Hey, it's karma. What goes around comes around and when Adam gets to doing entrepreneurship next semester, maybe they'll help him out... right?"
Anyways, it was apparent that they had been working hard. All day. They were sweaty and smelly and had cute smiles.
So... mistake number one.
I let them in.
Mistake number two, they put the ties in my hands without telling me the price (something I learned is a sales tactic while selling stuff for choir in high school).
Mistake number three, I let them convince me that Adam needs ANOTHER tie. No. The man does not. Between me, my mother, and his mother, HE HAS PLENTY.
Mistake number four, there was a red tie. I love the color red.
Mistake number five, I paid.


Does anyone else get sucked in by sales people? This need to get under control because soon I'll be buying a $10120102 vacuum from the next sales guy that comes to my door *cough* like my parents *cough*.

Oh well.

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