Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Vacation: Orange County

The first part of the vacation we spent with my family!! It was so fun to be in a full house again. It was amazing to me how things just feel like they fall back into normal every time I'm home. I love it. Here are some picture highlights [Warning this is a picture heavy post]:
Mom and Dad treated Adam and I to an Angels game and the Diamond Club. Once again, the food was AMAZING. I love that I can eat California Rolls and watch an Angels game at the same time.
Mom, Dad, and I at the game :) My parents are super cute.
They won!! Big Bang Friday= Awesome fireworks :)
I love the beach!!
San Clemente Pier for Kimya's birthday!
I've never seen him give this grouchy of a face while at the beach. haha. He REALLY didn't want me to take his picture.
I'm feeling brave so I'm including this picture. This is what happens when you finally work up the guts to go out into the water. I got owned and slammed into the rocks. Yes, that is my booty. Yes, it's bleeding. Yeah, it's not hot, but must be documented. haha.
Mom and I at our favorite beach. :) I miss her already!!
Check out that hair!! This is post-beach. We went to the koi ponds place and checked out massive and expensive fish. It was actually really fun.
This is an awesome boob shot. I promise you aren't looking at a black bra, it's my bathing suit. So calm down. Look how big the koi fish are!!
We went to the OC Fair. My sisters and I love to get hennas every year :)
My cat, Luna. I forgot to get a picture of it, but currently she is shaved so she has a lion's mane and a puffy tail. My mom has her shaved every Summer to keep her from getting horrible knots in her fur. Dang she is cute!
My mom and I getting boba after being numbed up a ton to get a cavity filled!! So... it's not our best picture, but once again it must be documented.

Sorry if I just killed you slowly through my pictures, but hey no one makes you read this blog!!
Hope every had a happy hump day :)

Love, Evi

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