Friday, August 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Photobooth Style!

So I thought it'd fun to post both awkward and awesome pictures that I found on my Mac's photobooth. Some are well, embarrassing. Not gonna lie. lol. But I figured it may give you guys an opportunity to really get to know me. Some facts you're going to want to know before seeing these...
One, I sleep with sleeping masks nightly. They're awesome. Don't even try to argue.
Two, a lot of these are from my freshman year here at BYUI.
Three, the picture with the major boob shot... sorry but I like the make up in it. :)
Four, sorry Em and Rissa but I'm embarrassing you, too.
Here is where it gets embarrassing...


My first all nighter for my stupid History 101 class. Stupidest class ever.

This was taken during finals when I stole Adam's Master Chief shirt (main character in the video game Halo.). That face alone is awkward.

Looks like the second stray cat I fell in love with obviously didn't love me.

Adam got Nutella on me. It looked good enough to take a picture.

mmmm... sexy right?

Another finals picture. We are way too comfortable with each other.

I don't know what is more awkward, these poses or the fact that I took these while at work...

Here lies the awesome photographs. The awesome are far less entertaining. Sorry!


Mom, Dad, and I on my first no return ticket flight. College bound :)

Picture of me before our first date

I need to recreate this hairdo.

Like I said, sorry for the boobs! Sad thing is I know everyone has seen more way more boobs in public than what you can see with me leaning over here. Anyways, I love my make up in this pic. Oh the power of Mac make up.

Myself and Dante the first stray cat I let live with us. He was cute. Adam called him "Garbage" because I found him eating garbage. Poor kitty...

I love sleeping masks. :) Don't judge.

Typical. Em, Rissa, and I-- Rissa came to visit!

I made that flower. Too bad I can't find it!

I made that felt bow and attached it to a headband yesterday. Is it cocky to be in love with your own creation?

My library face. No need to explain why this is awesome.

Coco! I love her. (She's my parents' dog. Isn't she cute!!! She does the funniest lil walk when she gets excited.)

Are you guys stoked for the weekend or what?!
Have a good Friday!
Love, Evi

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