Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Vacation: Carlsbad

Here lies the remnants of the second half of our lil vacation home to California. This post covers what we did with Adam's family in Carlsbad. In all honesty I love going home and I love my in laws. I'm already way excited to see them for Christmas!!
Bataquitos Lagoon.
Jedi Braid at Lucha Libre (Mexican Food that has been featured on Food Network. It was Amazing).
The "Champion Booth" at Lucha Libre, it's a booth you have to reserve in advance and has been rumored to seat various famous people.
We went to Sea World and it was SO fun. I love hanging out with the in-laws. I'm one lucky girl. :)
In the shark tube!
*begin jaws music* okay now you can end it :)
The famous VG's cake. It was so pretty and pretty good. :) They are a donut/bakery shop that are known for their cakes by the locals. Both of Adam's siblings used them for their weddings.
My sweet mother in law took me to get a pedicure. I'm ashamed to say I haven't gotten one since we got married five months ago. They were pretty gross. It was fun spending time with her :)
Los Tacos= LOS FRICKING AMAZING. This lil taco was so good. End of story. Definitely in the Top Five for best tacos ever eaten by me and I grew up in Southern California and have been to Mexico multiple times. SO GOOD.
AHHH SO GOOD. Geez I'm making myself hungry past midnight... This is Tip Top aka yummy European Delicatessen with an awesome restaurant in the back.

So as you can see. I love Carlsbad and the people that live there. I had so much being with family, sleeping in, and eating a ton of yummy food. I definitely married into an awesome family! Can we go back already? :)

Love, Evi

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