Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GRE say what?! Doing the best I can.

Okay this girl signed up for a GRE prep course.
First step toward attending grad school is done.
It will be every week for ten weeks for four hours each time.
Kill. Me. Now.
Standardized tests consistently... well uh, they hate me.
When I took the ACT I didn't do so hot. I didn't do horribly or even bad, but I definitely wanted to do better.
For the longest time I thought my intelligence depended on that number.
I studied. I took practice tests. I bought a prep book. I prayed harder than I ever have in my life.
Then I said probably the number 2 most important prayer in my life.
As I sat in the Capo Valley High School parking lot, waiting to go take my test, I prayed that whatever score I received would send me to the school where I needed to go.
Well my friends I took the ACT twice. I scored the same score TWICE.
No matter what your faith lies in, if you believe in fate, I believe that I was meant to score that score and get into four schools, then accept at BYUI.
Had I not come here, would I have met Adam? I don't know.
This time I'm taking a prep course for the GRE.
I want to do my best.
I will do the same thing though,
I will pray that whatever score I get will lead me to where I am meant to go.
I won't cry like last time or hyperventilate as they say, "Begin."
Luckily I have no dream "grad school" so there will be no mental breakdown if I don't get into a certain school.
I am doing my best this go around.
That's all I can ask.
Watch out world. I am going to grad school. :)


  1. We come back to rexburg on thursday WOO WOO! can't wait to get back to the ol grind. and on the skirt yes, i just took in the seams! it is the worst sewing job if you look at it closely but it's good enough to cover my silly bum!

    about your post, i can't believe you are preparing for grad school already! i am like barely starting my major here!

  2. keep on keepin' on, girl. i'm convinced that if you diligently put the time in, you will do well!

  3. yayay grad schooL! hah and I know this is off topic but I love your blog title! it made me giggle :)

    Lovely Little Rants