Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vacation=Family Time and No Bloggy

Hi friends,
Sorry I haven't blogged. I've been loving my time in California. My parents live in the beautiful Orange County and I've been able to enjoy the beach, good food, and fun company that this place provides me. The beach kind of hates me this go around... We went to San Clemente for Kimya's birthday and my butt got owned... literally... OWNED. I got slammed into the rocky shore and let's just say my right butt cheek looks like hamburger. NOT PRETTY. I'm getting a tan and catching up on television. I love it. The hubby likes it too, I think. He is looking forward to seeing his family tomorrow. Tomorrow is the FIRST OFFICIAL FAMILY TRADE OFF. It's sad. I love my new family so much, but can't I bring my family with me to Carlsbad? I'm not ready to leave them. Welcome to married life, right? I started reading Hunger Games and it is addicting. Tonight is "Taco Tuesday," a family tradition. We will see Ryan (Adam's way good friend) tonight and the girls in our family are going to the "Flashback" dance class at the gym. Excited? Yes!! Anyways, I have to go get ready for a "big girl" meeting with a family friend and fulfill my wife duties to see if he can help Adam get an internship (Yeah, we are cool. We network, what's up?!).
Ta Ta For Now. I promise I'll try to find time to post pictures. I might even gross you out and show you the "hamburger butt cheek." Don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds.

Love, Evi

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