Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Okay I'd hate to admit but I've been slipping into a daily coma for five hours for the last two days, it happened before I left too. Unfortunately I look a lil something like this

and truly make a fool of myself when I waken startled wondering what the flip happened?! Daily I tell myself, "Nah, I'll be productive today." Inevitably I end up in bed, drooling like a bulldog (eww so maybe not a bulldog. It was the first "drooly" thing that I thought of.), and apparently I like to ignore people when I sleep. But there is just something about the Egyptian cotton sheets and feathered mattress pad wedding gifts... whenever I slip even close to their softness it is like they are practically begging me to pass out. Today I woke up find that I threw my phone across the room, presumably when my father-in-law called. Oops!
To do list for tomorrow:
Be productive
Also, aren't the only people who take five hour naps either old and dying or little babies? Even though I don't think little babies sleep that much. Geez.

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  1. I too am guilty of the coma nap...Mine tend to happen about a 2 hours after I wake up for the day. I clean or start laundry, get bored, then lay down on our 6 inch thick memory foam mattress...It's a recipe for sleepy time. Good thing I have a cuddly puppy to blame it on, I just say that he begged me to take a nap with him. :D Too bad they're like 4 hours long lol

    Heather Draney